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Earn By Being A Pet's Best Friend

What is Petterr?

Petterr is an iPhone app that allows you to create a social network for pet care. Invite your friends from social media or your phone contacts and create a support network for your pet. Then when you need help, you can send a Woof to that network with the tap of a button.

Is Petterr free to download?

Yes, Petterr is free to download.

How is this different from other pet care services?

Petterr is unique in that it relies on earned trust first and foremost. Pets are like family, and therefore the ideal candidates to provide pet care in an owner’s absence are those who already know and love the owner’s pet. A reliance on existing relationships and connections is the distinguishing factor from other alternative boarding and pet care service providers. Since your friends and people you know and trust are your best option to watch your pet, if someone is not in your network, they are not a viable option.

How do I build my network?

After you download petterr, you can invite your friends to join by text, email or Facebook. Once they are a part of the network, you can use the Find feature to add them to your support team and grow your network by adding their friends and pet lovers.

Is Petterr only for pet sitting?

No, you can select from a range of services including, Feed, Walk, Watch, Board, Grooming, Fostering, Adoption and House Sit.

Is Petterr for pets only?

Not a chance. Petterr is a network for pet care. You can add your cat, fish, birds or really anything that is legal and safe to ask friends to take care of in your absence. It’s your pet and your trust network. All you have to do is sign up and build a support team to help you.

Is a Treat (Fees) required?

No, offering a treat is not required, but like anything else, the more incentive you offer, the more responses you may receive.

What are degrees?

Degrees show you how you are connected to another user. 1st degree means you are a direct buddy to the pet in need on the app. 2nd degree means you are a friend of a friend and have a mutual friend in common. 3rd degree means you are a friend of a friend. For 2nd and 3rd degrees, we display how you are connected to each other with the ability of contacting the common friends for more information.

What if I don’t have a pet?

If you do not have a pet, you can sign up as a Petterr on our network. You can watch your friends’ pets when they need help and make money doing it!

How do I get my Treat (Payment) as a Petterr?

Petterr uses Telr to deal with all payment integration. When you Fetch a Woof, you will be asked to input your address and the email you would like to receive funds with. When a Woof is completed, the email account on file will be notified of a payment and users will be prompted to set up an account or sign in to collect funds.

I have my own pet business, is Petterr going to take away my jobs?

Just the opposite!! Petterr is a network of trusted pet care providers. As an independent pet caretaker you are clearly trusted by whomever you walk on a daily basis already. Get them on the network and tell them to get their friends on the network. By being connected to them, suddenly your network of potential new clients expands exponentially FOR FREE. Because they trust you and their friends trust them, they are more than likely to trust you. By using the app as a tool for networking, pet caretakers stand to benefit enormously.

Ok, Ok….this sounds great but how does Petterr make money?

We make money through a 10% listing fee on all Woofs Posted. It gets added to the treat once you close out the process. If you post a woof and cancel it, we’ll collect the listing fee and credit it to your account for future use. By taking a small percentage off of each request for service, or “Woof”, Petterr will earn income that will sustain the app and allow us to add features and maintain partnerships.

Who is behind Petterr? Where did it come from?

Pet parents and pet lovers just like you. Petterr is a team of pet owners who came up with the idea after running into inadequate options for pet care. So, we did something about it! We built a solution for finding someone to watch our kids without having to ask friends one by one, corner them for help, send them to a kennel or leave them with a stranger. Then we came up with a way to give pet lovers and friends that love our pets an option to help without feeling obligated or awkward asking for money.

Is Petterr available on Android?

Petterr is not available as a native app for Android users but as a browser based Web app. You can sign up to Petterr at if you are an android or a desktop/laptop user.

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