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Glossary of Terms

Earn By Being A Pet's Best Friend

  • Pet:The most important member of Petterr. Pets want as many buddies as possible for help when then need care.
  • Pet Parent:Parent of the pet or a pet lover that leverages their network of potential buddies for pet care options. Pet owners also can provide help to other pet owners.
  • Treat:The fees paid to the service provider is called a Treat.
  • Petterr:A friend, family member, colleague or neighbor that is a member of Petterr and makes a direct 1st level connection with a pet and its owner.
  • Boarder:A boarder is a petterr that make themselves available to not only direct 1st level connections but 2nd and 3rd level connections. This is done via petterr profile settings.
  • Degree: Level of connection between buddies and pets.
  • 1st Degree: A direct connection between a pet owner and a buddy
  • 2nd Degree:A connection that is once removed. A member that shares a mutual connection with a pet and pet owner
  • 3rd Degree: A connection that is twice removed. A petterr that is connected with a pet and pet owner through a pet of a mutual friend.
  • Woof:Pet care request made by a pet owner on behalf of their pet. A woof is the basic function of petterr and is found on the pet owner home view menu.
  • Fetch:Retrieving a Woof that is sent out by a pet owner. A woof sent by a pet owner based on the preference of visibility is pushed directly to you and can be fetched on the Fetch Home view.
  • My Woofs:Where jobs posted and fetched woofs are stored.
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